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Auto-registers appointments and schedules directly to the calendar by analyzing events date and time on the homepage. Works on any operating system including iPhone, Android and PC.

DZ - Security

DZ Security

A spoof-proof new invention for authentication. The timing of authentication is unknown to the user and the authentication keys used are unannounced, so malicious use is prevented.

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CalPush can be easily implemented to your website by using HTML. Through the PM Engine (our own international patented technology), date and time regarding any event can be analyzed and automatically registered into the user’s calendar. What makes CalPush different from other similar services is that any type of calendar can be used.

DZ - Security

DZ Security is a great innovation in the world of authentication.

No login/logout is required. An unprecedented authentication and file distribution system that becomes reality.

PM Engine

PM Engine

A syntactic analysis engine capable of extracting data related to date and time from messages, registering the contents to your calendar.