Technology makes the impossible connection possible.
Never give up, and take on new challenges!

IT technology company



Challenge Growth-up
Our company name is AnchorZ, which means anchors. By changing "S" to "Z" to represent the plural form, the company name will be from A to Z. In other words, there is the meaning of from the beginning to the end. We gathered the members that never give up, work from the beginning till the end. We will continue to grow with endless aspirations, raising anchors and tackling new challenges until the end.

What we can do

We provide customized products and services that utilize proprietary algorithms which have acquired numerous international patents. It was researched and developed by our software development specialists.

What is DZ Security?
Anyone can use it immediately and free from the risk of impersonate
To achieve a safe and secure world

The next-generation security from Japan to the world with "DZ authentication" and "DZ Cloud" which subvert the common sense

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