Notice of Joint Development with Amano Co., Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that “DZ-Security”, which was launched last year from November last year, has released a new version for Windows. The Windows version will be released through joint development with Amano Co., Ltd. (, which received high marks from early on for the potentiality and usefulness of DZ Security. We predict that the number of telecommuters will increase in the future as a result of work reforms, and as a telework solution service when telecommuting, we provide our users with a comfortable environment and an app that does not require much time for managing working hours. We have been jointly developed with the adoption of “background certification”. It is possible to deliver peace of mind and security to companies and users by providing an environment that is important for compliance, in which you can not only view the app screen other than the person itself, as well as low cost and time-consuming time management. The You can solve security, productivity and cost issues all at once. With DZ Security’s “background authentication”, we will realize compatibility between convenience and economy and support the promotion of working style reforms, as well as responding to diversified lifestyles.

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↓Demonstration video of DZ certification (transition to YouTube) = 53 AOWL mr C 6 o