CalPush OEM Package

CalPush as your own Application.

Iphone Custom

Your Own, Unique Style!

Customize the icon / screen color to match the image of your brand.

You can use your logo, trademark, etc. for your brand avatar in the application. Your logo will also appear on the app icon on iTunes and Google Play. You can also change the color of each screen from the color palette.

Display your company's advertisement on the calendar screen. Register advertisement content directly to the calendar.

Companies that have subscribed to the “promise mail OEM Package” can distribute their advertisement to the application user. Ads are displayed on the calendar screen.

You can register up to three brand avatars.

The advertisement system changes according to the use of each avatar. Up to 3 patterns can be registered.

About ads delivery control.

Even though other companies may send advertising mails to the user, “CalPush OEM package” guarantees that only your ads will be displayed on the screen. The contract period is one year, at the end of which ads delivery control will be deactivated. If you wish to continue to use this feature, please renew your contract.

CalPush OEM Package

Content and Price
¥ Open Price
  • Advertisement Control Period
  • Register Advertisement
  • Changing Screen
  • Change Icon
  • Change Color Tone
  • Technical support for this product is provided by AnchorZ. However, the primary office will be your company.
  • AnchorZ will take care of the application processing for each store.
  • If Promise Mail is upgraded, this package product will also be upgraded.
  • About user operation logs, we will directly discuss it with you.