CalPush Ad Direct

CalPush AD Direct

Direct advertisement delivery to your calendar.
A new application for the smartphone age.

Ads delivered from “CalPush AD Direct” are registered as one event to the user’s calendar.

A completely new mobile advertisement application. The main function of CalPush (registering messages containing phrases related to date and time as a schedule) can be applied to the advertisement services. Ads delivered from “CalPush AD Direct” are registered as one event in the user’s calendar.

“Cal Push Ad Direct” is ideal promotional tool for events such as campaigns, new products releases, seminars and sales.

Display the subject of the advertisement mail in a push notification.

The subject of the delivered advertisement will be displayed as a text superimposed on the screen (television opaque projector) at the top of the application. Users can tap the television opaque projector to check the content.

Magic Ads calendar

From advertisement mail to scheduled event.

The date and time in the advertisement event will automatically be added to the user’s calendar as a new schedule.


User actions record.

CalPush AD Direct can create a record of the user actions and location while using the application.