Company Overview

IT technology company

We will continue to provide products and services with strong beliefs and a correct mind,
by producing useful and beneficial human resources for society.

  • Founder and CEO
    Masaaki Tokuyama
    What kind of person is a useful/beneficial person for society? I have been thinking about this question since I am a child.
    I was nurtured by the wonderful services and products created during the Japan's high economic growth period. I found that "good" products and services give people happiness and satisfaction, and contribute greatly to the society. Although the definition of "good" is different from person to person, but I think that is totally fine.
    It is important for human beings to continue striving to be a good person who can create not only products and services but also a good family and a good company. AnchorZ Inc. would continue to grow with the company and nurture such kind of Human Resources for the society.

Company Overview

Company Name AnchorZ Inc.
President & CEO Masaaki Tokuyama
Director Hidenori Nakamura
Sachiyo Tokuyama
Capital 197,499,500 yen
Establishment April 1, 2009
Business Description Research, development and sales of software products.
Sales of apps and "CalPush" that utilize elemental technologies such as "DZ certification," "DZ cloud," and "PM engine."
Contract development and IT consulting
2/F, Daiichi Nomura Building, 3-22-9 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Contact Number 03-5829-6440
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FAX 03-5829-6441
Partner Company Arm Ltd.(England)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation(Japan)
Murata Machinery Co., Ltd.(Japan)
Distributor (Japan) Dentsu Inc.
Ryoden Corporation
BellChild Co.,Ltd.
Distributor (Overseas) Savant Solutions (India)
Enobyte GmbH (Germany)
81Partners (Canada)


Job Title Development Engineer
Sales/Marketing/Public Relations
General Requirements A man and woman over the age of 18 with a straightforward and challenging spirit
Compensation Work location: Asakusabashi
Working hours 10:00 to 19:00 (1 hour break)
Holidays: Saturday and Sunday, public holidays, summer holidays, winter holidays
Salary Negotiable according to skill (with incentive system)
* Preferential treatment will be given in consideration of experience and skills.