PM Engine

PM Engine

Terms Related to Date + Punctuation = Calendar Registration.

When terms related to punctuation, date and time are in e-mails,
a schedule is automatically registered to the calendar.
As a technology that is capable of connecting companies and users in an advanced way,
PM Engine can be utilized in marketing activities.

Magic calendar

For Japanese e-mails, PM Engine uses punctuation to analyze e-mail content.

Related terms including punctuation, date and time are automatically registered to the calendar as a schedule.

For example, “At 12 o’clock tomorrow, shall we have lunch together in Shinjuku?”

With the use of the comma, the date and time will be analyzed and saved in the calendar relative to the date and time the mail was received. If the message was received on May 1, an appointment will be saved on May 2, 12 o’clock.

Capable of supporting multiple languages:
Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English.

Smartphone users from all over the world can now send messages which content can be directly registered to the calendar.

Scheduled to acquire International Patents for prospective global expansion
(Patents in Japan and Korea have already been acquired).

DZ - Security

DZ Security

DZ Security can change the world

“It is impossible to make a key without a keyhole” = world’s first technology.

Once in decades, innovation may change the way we think all at once.
DZ Security is part of it.

Phone DZ Security

Why is DZ Security the strongest?

It uses the DZ original authentication, which utilizes behavior and biometric information.

  • Authenticating by constantly analyzing behavior.
  • When users cannot be identified by behavior alone, biometric data is then analyzed.
  • Authentication without notifying the user.
  • Spoofing is impossible as the timing of authentication is unknown.
  • Only the authenticated can use the DZ Security implemented device.

DZ Security Patent (PCT Application)

Patents in Japan have been acquired. Applications in United States and China are currently pending by PCT application.